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The Green Party: A Wasted Vote?

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So there I was, sat on the sofa, musing the news feeds of various social media, whilst watching the news which was fulfilling its obligatory evening coverage on Nigel Farage, when I asked, why doesn’t anyone vote Green?

Cue the onslaught of political opinion from my housemates, lambasted with the all too familiar outcry of ‘it’s a wasted vote’.

This led me to question why this opinion is established? I concluded that, in order to feed our insatiable appetite for entertainment, the media have found the perfect candidate in the ‘larger than life’ Nigel Farage, to predominantly represent within their coverage.

The problem we are encountering now, however, is that, given the platform Farage has been provided, the amount of noise generated will unquestionably turn some heads.


Although Green Party support continues to rise, it is the UKIP leader who continues to dominate the headlines. On the eve of the elections, a YouGov poll suggested that Green Party support had almost tripled. Yet, how readily available was this information in the daily newspapers? Further, good old Andrew Marr recently dwelled on the fact that, within the latest polls, Lib Dem support had dropped into fourth position, now featuring behind UKIP. There was no mention of the support gained by The Green Party, who shared that fourth position with the Lib Dems. Imagine the field day national media would have had if UKIP support had observed similar increases…

Whatever the agenda of the associated media outlet, unfortunately, coverage is playing straight into the hands of Farage, by concentrating on the far right immigration views as their flagship policy, thereby mobilising the clandestine racist. There is a large amount of oversight regarding the disjointed, and incoherent, supplementary policies within the outspoken climate skeptic’s manifesto. How much attention has actually been given to their plans to privatise the NHS? Not to mention the warped view of Farage et al, regarding the direct correlation between gay marriage and flood event frequency. But I guess this can all be overlooked for the sake of a good headline, right?

The rise of the infamous Farage, seems somewhat comparable with the ascent of fictional ‘man of the people’, Alistair Leslie Graham (Ali G), who became the MP for Staines, based upon his sole policy to save the local leisure centre. It begs the question, that if the Green’s were fronted by a somewhat farcical leader, would they receive the same level of representation within the media? Cue the generation of Nigel Foliage, anyone?


The Green Party are not afraid to tackle the status quo, there is therefore no wonder that corporate media continues to misrepresent such political ideologies which threaten to shake the foundations of the rich and powerful. After all, why vote for a party that offers transparency, and truly addresses the pertinent threat of climate change?

The fact is, that support for The Green Party is on the rise. The idea that its candidates are lefty tree huggers and wiry haired mad scientists is beginning to dissipate, as overwhelming scientific consensus of climate change has now passed into the vernacular. Despite this, the party continues to be lumped into the ‘Others’ category, accommodated by such prestigious parties as the BNP and the Democratic Unionist Party. In doing so it is possible to nullify the annoying nag of environmentalists, thereby maintaining corporate wealth, whilst subjecting the planet to its ‘inevitable’ fate.

This post is not an attempt to drive voters away from one particular party, in fact, my political tendencies lay elsewhere, its main aim is to highlight the viewing manipulation provided by the media in order to attain headlines. With every vote counting in its own right, come 10pm tonight, media misrepresentation may live to regret the bias platforms it has provided. Whatever the results are, one thing will remain certain, that we will be subjected to the wan opinions of those who disagree with the outcome, despite failing to utilise their vote during these times of austerity. Oh well, I guess they can hold out for another intellectual onslaught from Russell Brand to justify their laziness…


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